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The shahada is found on Islamic flags. Wahhabism used the shahada on their flags since the 18th century. In 1902, ibn Saud, leader of the House of Saud and ...

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The first of the Five Pillars of Islam is the shahada (Arabic, "testimony" or "witness"). The shahada is the Muslim profession of faith, expressing the two ...

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The word shahada actually means to testify or to bear witness. There are actually two parts to the shahada which when taken together is often called the ...

Answering Muslims: What Is the Shahada?

The Shahada (also spelled “Shahadah”) is the Islamic Creed, one of the Five Pillars of Islam. The word “Shahada” comes from the verb shahida ...

The Significance of Shahada (Kalima)

Is the Mere Utternace of Shahada (Kalima) enough to attain admission into heaven?

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The Principal Duties of Islam. C. THE FIVE PILLARS OF ISLAM. 1. The Kalimah - The Confession of Faith. As we have seen, Islam is divided into iman, the ...

The First Pillar of Islam: The Muslim Profession of Faith

An introduction to the first pillar of Islam: the Muslim Profession of Faith, or the shahada, that no-one deserves worship except God, and Muhammad is the ...

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Meaning and wording of the Shahada. Also called "profession of faith", or "testimony of faith", the Shahadah is the testimony that there is no God except ...

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Because the shahada is considered holy, the flag is not normally used on T-shirts or other items. Saudi Arabia protested against its inclusion on a planned ...

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