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Schisandra (magnolia vine) is a genus of twining shrub that generally climb on other vegetation. Some early publications misspell the name as "Schizandra ...

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Yes, Schisandra is a berry, but don’t think of it as another superfruit like goji or acai. Think strange, exotic, and only used for medicine.

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Schisandra berry supplement and extract health benefit by Ray Sahelian, M.D. January 10 2017. Extracts from the fruits (seeds) of Schisandra chinensis are ...

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Have you ever heard of schisandra? It's been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine to heal various ailments. Why? Let's find out.

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Schisandra berry tea is a product that hails from China. Schisandra berries were discovered by the Chinese to have a variety of health benefits that made ...

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Learn how Schizandra can dramatically improve you health, enhance your strength and stamina, fight fatigue, make your skin beautiful and much more!

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Fructus Schisandrae is used in TCM to astringe the lungs and nourish the kidneys. It promotes body fluid production, arrest sweating, consolidate essence ...

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Schisandra Strengthens Your Liver Anti-Aging Tonic Also Battles Stress and Exhaustion By now, everyone is familiar with the role antioxidants play in ...

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Schisandra information based on scientific evidence includes description, drug interactions, safety concerns, and effectiveness.

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Schisandra berry tea has been prized for its amazing health benefits since it was first used in ancient Chinese medical practices. This tea can be used for ...